• How should I take care of my jewelry?

Keep your jewelry free of sweat, water, perfumes, and makeup. This is particularly important for our Gold-Plated pieces, which are more prone to oxidation and discoloration.

Keep your jewelry in your AUDENTES. jewelry bag and tin box (and keep in a cool, dry spot) to maintain luster and prolong life. If you need to clear your jewelry, it is recommended to only use soft polishing cloth that we provided.

  • How can i find my ring size?

Step 1

Prepare few materials: 1. Scissors 2. A stirp of paper long enough to fit around your finger 3. Pen or pencil 4. Ruler

Step 2

Cut a strip of paper, the thinner the better.

Step 3

Wrap the paper around your finger as tightly as possible and make a mark where the paper overlaps.

Step 4

Measure the length of the paper strip in millimeters (mm), from the tip to the mark.

*Pro tips

Measures your ring size at the end of the day, when your finger is at its largest, to get the most accurate measurement.

  • Which area/country can you ship to?

Currently, we provide orders for shipping to MALAYSIA (MYS) & SINGAPORE (SG). Announcement will be made when it is open for worldwide shipment.

We’re sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience. Thank you for your understandings.

  • Will your jewelry get tarnish?

It depends on the jewelry’s material that you buy. Different materials have their own care instructions.

As long as the jewelry is maintained normally, our high quality jewelry will generally not tarnish. You can take a look at the jewelry care guide we provide to make the jewelry last longer. With proper maintenance, colour retention will not be an issue.


The most of our jewelry are hypoallergenic. However, we cannot 100% guarantee that our jewelry will not cause allergies to anyone, as everyone’s physique is different. But we can guarantee our jewelry is all high quality.

We highly recommend that if you are very prone to allergies, you can buy jewelry made of stainless steel or 925 sterling silver.


Our jewelry are high quality brass, sterling silver or stainless steel bases metal, free of cadmium, nickel and lead. Therefore, our jewelry is generally safe to wear with water usage. But do note that your jewelry prolonged exposure to water and chemicals such as perfumes, sunscreen/hair spray or lotions will cause a mild fade over times. We strongly advise removing your jewelry before swimming or showering to maintain luster and prolong life.

  • How long will it take to recieve my order?

It depends on where you are. We normally process orders in 24 hours. If you need the parcel for gifting or in hurry, please kindly inform us for arrangement (Dm us on Instagram/Whatsapp: +60149471301 to get the fastest response). We will try our best to fulfill your requirements.

West Malaysia: 1-3 business days after fulfilment.

East Malaysia: 7-14 business days after fulfilment.

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